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Joseph Lynch Principal Arborist

Owner/Operator of Professional Arborist, ISA Licensed Arborist, ISA Climber Specialist, TCIA EHAP Certified Incidental Line Clearance Arborist

Joseph holds a bachelors degree in economics from the University of Maine at Farmington and a masters degree in molecular biology from the University of Southern Maine. He is a teammate at work, a proud father of a warrior and a bicycle racer as time permits.









CJ Kelly

Maine Licensed Arborist

Owner/Operator of ArborTech NE, CJ is a dedicated father and husband at home, a two time World Champion in wakeboarding, rides one heck of a wheelie on a bicycle and the wizard who keeps all our old equipment running.


Eli Hutchins

ISA Certified Arborist

Owner/Operator of Hutch's Property & Tree , Eli holds a bachelors degree in forestry from University of Vermont. He lives with his partner Diana and two little girls in Lovell. Through his dedication to his customers and their trees, he has firmly planted himself and has become apically dominant in his profession in the western Maine area.















Noah Buehner

ISA Certified Arborist, ISA Certified Tree Hazard Evaluator

Owner/Operator of Dirigo Tree Services, LLC , Noah holds a bachelors degree in american history from Wheaton College, he is an arborist of the highest caliper, he earned one of the biggest trophies we have ever seen at a climbing competition for his spirit. Noah is a dedicated husband, Father and teammate. Because of his spirit, knowledge and focus we are truly blessed he has established roots in our team. 









Brooks Cannon

ISA Licensed Arborist

As a young member of our team, Brooks is blossoming into our hope for the future. He has shown us profound progress in the last few years. Yes, he is now the arborist who is gentle on your tree as he climbs through it and who makes proper cuts while upside down. Many decent arborists fail with proper cuts while standing firmly on the ground.

Dan Wiener

Maine Licensed Arborist

Owner/Operator of, Dan lives with his partner Sarah in Alna, Maine. He brings tremendous integrity and attention to detail to our team.

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